A love letter to my website design agency


by Dianna

It’s like finding the perfect hairdresser.  When you find someone who understands you and your needs, you want to sing their praises to anyone who’ll listen.

That’s like me and my website design agency, Design Junction.

It was my first priority when I started Miss Links – find a website design agency.  It was the single biggest investment I was going to make, so the team had to be professional, experienced and brilliant.   When I typed in “website design Melbourne” into Google, they had to be page one.  If that’s where I wanted to be, then that’s where my agency would be.

The team at Design Junction have created this beautiful and functional site, which is not easy.  I’m told that e-commerce sites are the hardest and trickiest to program.

Design Junction

Design Junction

I’ve heard horror stories about web agencies that charge exorbitant hourly rates for any minor change on your website and practically hold your website hostage if you want to change suppliers.

Design Junction could not be more professional.  They have been patient. They have been kind.  Nothing was ever too difficult, or too much.  They’ve given me sound, expert advice and they really know what works in the e-commerce environment.

They have been completely understanding about the needs of the project, the delays (not caused by them!) and the need to change small details along the way.    There was never anything too difficult.

Quite simply the team were a joy to work with and I want to publicly and officially thank them for their sheer wondrousness.

So Nikita, David and Koumei – thank you, truly thank you for all your efforts. It is much appreciated.